We’re sticking with Crazy Glue!
We were fortunate to receive support and funding from Plymouth Culture (via Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence funded Horizon project) to redevelop our community arts group model Crazy Glue.

First established way back in 2009, a group of parents of children from Highfield School came together at weekly art sessions.  Soon developing into a more established group they met and began working with Take A Part on community arts projects and slowly raised their profile before leading on groundbreaking projects such as ‘The Art Orbit’ and ‘Plain Speaking Tours’ and curating a show ‘Efford: The Capital of Culture for Plymouth’ at Plymouth Art Centre in 2012.

Crazy Glue became recognised as a go to group  who were happy to try new art forms and engage with contemporary arts and also talk about art (especially visual) in their own way.

We were able to re-establish the Crazy Glue model of working with High View School. Via this year long project, we engaged with new families within Efford and explored the arts again to re-develop a community based group that engaged with artists and art projects at their level.

We are ran regular sessions with artist Soraya Phillips to develop skill and confidence.  We also developed strong links with Horizon and Crazy Glue worked on the ‘We The People Are The Work’ programme and delivering Plain Speaking tours for other community members across the city.  We also worked with Active Neighbourhoods back in Efford to help deliver creative aspects of their planned work in Efford Marshes.

By redeveloping the model of Crazy Glue we are hoping to support other communities and schools to roll out their own arts group (with our support) creating a very real and true network of arts audiences across the city.  We are very excited about this programme of work.

Feb 28, 2017
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