Walking and talking as our exhibition closes
Our lovely exhibition ‘Efford:The Capital of Culture for Plymouth’ closed today in wonderful style with a biodiversity walk lead by Tess Wilmott and Ro Hughes.

We ventured around Plymouth City Centre and learnt about how plants growing there can indicate a range of environmental qualities including moisture and air quality.  We also learnt about which herbs and edible plants are growing in the nooks and crannies of the city and explored areas which some people had never been to before.

The walk was rounded off with some delicious pumpkin soup and elderflower cordial back at Plymouth Arts Centre where people had the opportunity to read up on the plants they spotted and share some of their finds from the walk.

Following the walk we supped on cider created from apple juice pressed both at the Efford harvest weekend and at the opening of the exhibition, and it was lovely! (hic!)

A huge thanks to everyone who has been involved through participating and visiting the exhibition.

Jan 5, 2013
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