The Shape Of Flight
After working together for a year yesterday afternoon saw the opening of exhibition ‘The Shape Of Flight’ for Crazy Glue and artist Soraya Phillips.

The art work is the result of a year long project exploring art, seeing gallery spaces and developing skills in different art forms.  The group worked in after school art sessions over the last year and explored themes of birds and flight.

Some work was more representative, like the beautiful 3D models of birds, and some work more abstract as the group explored shape and form (inspired by artist Barbara Hepworth)

This programme of work is part of a larger programme exploring the model of Crazy Glue.  The group have been working in their after school sessions, engaging with the city wide contemporary arts agenda (via Horizon and We The People Are The Work) and also collaborating with local organisations to deliver a community based project in Efford Marsh.

Their exhibition will stay on display in the entrance area of High View School, Torridge Way, Efford for the next few weeks.

Mar 22, 2018
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