Speaking plainly about art
Our Efford arts group had an interesting session today with artist Rachel Dobbs looking at contemporary art.

As a part of their training for the upcoming plain speaking tours that they will be leading around exhibition We The People Are the Work the group are exploring contemporary art and learning how to to talk about it in their own way.

Their discussion involves being curious, questioning the intention behind pieces, finding things that they like and dislike and thinking about what they would ask others.  Rachel came along to their base at High View School following their initial visit to Tate St Ives to look at how work is placed in a gallery space.  This session focussed around being vocal about their ideas and thoughts around pieces of work, considering how a visitor might feel encountering a space and how they could encourage those visitors to think more deeply about what they are seeing.

Tours are open to other community members in the city and interested groups and training sessions will continue into late September before tours begin in October/November time.



Sep 6, 2017
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