Freï von Fräähsen zu Lorenzburg is an artist, choreographer, and writer.

Freï is a choreographer, performance artist and writer currently based in Gothenburg Sweden. He has a BA from Trinity Laban conservatoire of Music and Dance (London) and a MA Contemporary Performative Arts from Gothenburg Academy of music and drama. In his own practice, as a writer and performer, he deals with questions of liminality, taboo, sacrifice and usurpation. Freï is passionate about the idea that an individual has to claim humanhood for themselves in a series of performative gestures. In this sense human life, and all its activities, takes on a ritual/ mythic dimension wherein one creates oneself as a sovereign subject through knowledge and deep inquiry into oneself and one’s environment. Artistic practices become a means, not merely of representing or mirroring oneself and the world, but of creating oneself and one’s world. Thus every act of art is a declaration of independence. On December 1 2014 Freï initiated the process to declare independent the city sector where he grew up. He has been known as His Serene Highness Prince Freï of Lorenzburg ever since.