Shed On Wheels
The Shed On Wheels was commissioned by Grow Efford lead artist Anne-Marie Culhane with Ruth Ben-Tovim (Encounters Arts) as supporting artist and designed and created by regional artist/makers Rufus Maurice and artist Belle Benfield.

The whole build began with the purchase of a lovely 1970s electric milk float from Dale Farm.  The SOW makes ingenious use of recycled materials..look out for old organ pipes, champagne corks, a fire guard and a bedstead.  The  indoor lights are powered by a solar panel on the roof.    The shed has many  features including it’s own kitchen, eating and meeting spaces.  The Shed also has a canvas awning so it can be used even if it is raining (lucky that). The S.O.W. continues to evolve and change as we learn about how people respond to and interact with it.

As one part of SOW we invite people to share a story, often with someone new, from a selection of themes that they choose from cards.  Here are the pics of the storytellers so far and what they told.

We also had a map of plymouth green spaces where people shared a memory or story of something memorable that had happened to them in one of the city’s many parks.

People have said lots of lovely things about our Shed, including-

‘I love it because it is beautiful and recycled and also the mapping, stories and the fact that it moves to where it is needed’ -Sue

‘A good insight into what is on our doorstep!  For everyone to see and experience and try.  A wonderful haven of nature and interest’ – Kathy

‘An unexpected pleasure in the middle of town!’- Sarah

‘It was cool and interesting’- Lily

‘Really enjoyed my afternoon, learnt loads and had loads of fun’- Linda

‘Love the fact that it is totally recycled’- Nicky
The shed is available to hire for events and workshops, for more information on this please contact Kim Wide on 07952558091 or send us an email.

The SOW project has been made possible thanks to a new partnership between Grow Efford and the Cooperative Partnership.


Jun 25, 2012
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  • Magic. Absolutely magic.

  • Absolutely lovely! Splendid idea! Beautifully put together, with skill and imagination.

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