Reverberations is Take A Part’s most recent project.  Working in the community of Cattedown, and with a specific focus on the Teat’s Hill area, the project aims to animate the local amphitheatre space with artists and art projects over a two year period.

The project is working to connect with the themes and history of the Mayflower commemorations that are taking place over the next few years in the lead up to 2020.  The project looks at identity, belonging, journeys, ambition and the ocean to inspire its content and delivery.

Take A Part are working with a series of local artists- including Beyond Face, Crab and Bee, Far Flung- to create locally commissioned pieces in the amphitheatre space.  These can include things like performances, interventions and workshops.  In addition two larger commissions, over the two years of the project, are being delivered with artists.  For one of these commissions we have partnered with the National Marine Aquarium; artists Sarah Sense and Laura Hopes are both producing works connected to the aquarium and this project.

In addition to the commissions we are building a new art group at Prince Rock school with families from the school attending, this work is based on our Crazy Glue model.  Across the first part of the project the group will work with 10 local artists to develop their skills and confidence in the arts as well as having the opportunity to spend time together.  The commissioned artists will also deliver sessions with the group.

There will also be a series of family fun days and ‘go and see’ trips to galleries locally and in other cities as we build the opportunities for, and relationships with the local community.  The project will culminate in 2020 with a celebration event to mark all that takes place and is created.

Reverberations is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and is partnered by Active Neighbourhoods, The Box, The National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth Community Homes and Prince Rock School.

Jan 1, 2019
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