Plain Speaking Tour Training at We The People
Members of our Crazy Glue group took to the town this afternoon to visit the galleries of We The People Are The Work.

Working with the lovely Rachel Dobbs the group explored Plymouth College of Art, Peninsula Arts, The Council House, KARST and Plymouth Arts Centre.  In each space the group took time to learn about the content for each exhibition and also to discuss what they felt each piece was about and meant to them.  As well as collecting their very own sign paintings from PeterLiversidge, the group grooved along to punk bands, explored tricksy films with mirrors, questioned politics and discovered print and patterning.

The group will soon be embarking on their very own Plain Speaking Tours of We The People and in preparation at each place the group made plans how they would present the work to those that might attend.

We are very much looking forward to being joined by other members of the group next weekend to begin sharing this wonderful exhibition with other communities and people in the city!

Sep 30, 2017
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