Looking for Silence- The listening piece is unveiled!
We concluded our recent project ‘Looking for Silence’ today with a celebration and finale event at Efford Marsh.

Over the past six months Take A Part has collaborated with Active Neighbourhoods to run an art project in the marsh which culminated in a commissioned piece exploring the notion of listening to nature.  Artists Leverington Wuthrich were selected to create the piece and also lead a series of community based workshops to shape the idea for the final work.

About the sculpture Leverington Wuthrich said “It is an interactive piece, the way we perceive it is that, it is complete when someone observes someone else using it. The user is part of the art work. It is a curiosity, it is a visual art work it is a tool to look at the world with. Open your ears and see”

The listening piece sits in the middle of the marsh and provides a great opportunity for people to stop, rest and listen to the environment around them.

May 13, 2018
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