Kinterbury Creek Bridge
Kinterbury Creek Project

We worked with with Barne Barton Young Ambassadors group at Tamar View Community Centre’s #Dare2B, youth and community programme to, research bridge design, write the artist brief, view and choose design briefs for a new bridge at Kinterbury Creek.  The original bridge was built but damaged by fire on two separate occasions, it was hoped that by creating a  bridge in collaboration with the community, that incorporated their ideas. that there would be a real sense of ownership of the finished bridge.

The aim of the bridge commission was to address access to and engagement for the community with a designated County Wildlife Site and to give access to the foreshore in a community where 90% of waterfront access is cut off due to MOD use of land.

The young people who worked with firstly visited bridges at local sites to gain ideas and inspiration around what would make a good bridge.  They they selected Muf architecture/art to work with us to create the design and instigate the build.  Muf are a London-based contemporary art and architecture firm, who have worked internationally on award winning projects that engage communities in place.

The original sketches for the design are detailed below.  Muf wanted to create something that would be unusual but still sit well in the landscape.  The young people were concerned about the resilience of the bridge but also that it would have a good design that was interesting and unusual.

Slide1After needing to take some time to gather the relevant permissions for build we found ourselves entering the over-wintering period for birds.  This meant we had to halt our plans and postpone the actual build until the spring.

In the interim period Muf held a workshop with the community using ‘smelting’ techniques and created a range of metal charms using natural and found objects from around the creek.  These metal charms were to be fixed onto the bridge later in the build.

Over April and May of 2016 the final build of the bridge was able to take place.  It was an exciting time for local residents and those that visit the Creek often as the drawings, discussions and designs finally became a reality.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to create something that has been both functional for the community but has often involved a hugely creative process, workshops and outcome ay the same time.  The bridge was officially launched in July.


Images of the build and launch are courtesy of FotoNow.  This project was funded via Arts Council England with support from Plymouth City Council.


Jun 6, 2015
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  • I live overlooking the Creek and walk my dog regularly . I witnessed the vandalism and actual destruction of the last bridge – in fact we knew locally who was responsible at the time but no action was eventually taken . We would live to have a new bridge as its easier to do the walk round when the tide is in. If there is any chance of a replacement we would be overjoyed.

    • Hi Melanie! Great to hear from you. We are hoping that this bridge will use lots of community members ideas and enthusiasm and will encourage ownership of the bridge so that nobody feels like they will want to damage it (fingers crossed!)

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