Efford:The Capital Of Culture for Plymouth opens!

Efford:The Capital of Culture for Plymouth has begun!

Our exhibition opened at Plymouth Arts Centre this weekend and we have to say a HUGE thank you to our Take A Part friends, artists, activists, joiners in, visitors, supporters and communities.

A thanks for mucking in, for asking questions, for marching in the rain, for creating new work, for making tea, for having a chat with us, for driving us around, for taking pictures, for coming to take a look, for making film, making badges, supplying apples, sharing ideas, telling others about us, documenting, sharing, and shouting about great art with great people in great communities in Plymouth.

in The weekend saw an opening event, creative workshop in preparation for a march, sound and film performance, protest march and artist talk.

Over 90 people came to the Opening Night of the exhibition Efford: The Capital of Culture for Plymouth, 25i-sh made badges, placards et al, 30 listened to new sound work created from old tales, 40-ish took part in a march to celebrate art & culture in the city and 30-ish helped to craft one of the most inclusive artists talks we have been to in a long time.

We want to thank everyone who came.  Thanks for being critical, for being open, for being creative, for screaming your hearts out and for driving us forward. Always forward.

And we would like to give special thanks here-
To Elisha, for the best piece of writing to come out of Efford – the letter to council was extremely effective and beautiful.
To Loki, for sharing with us all how fantastic Crazy Glue has been for everyone involved.
To Keira, who wrote the manifesto with us all.
To Eva, for glittery placards.
To Jake, Kia and Amelia, for being the professional film makers they are.
To Efford, our home, our heart. Thank you for trusting and supporting and being in it for the long haul.

And if you have been involved but perhaps have not yet been, come to Plymouth Arts Centre from now until 6 January where you can still make jam, dance, sketch, bid, write, listen, watch, walk and talk with lots of wonderful artists and people in Plymouth. www.plymouthartscentre.org
We love the process! Keep on with it- you can find out more information on what’s still to come by clicking here.

Efford The Capita of Culture for Plymouth is brought to you by-

Nov 29, 2012
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