Efford:The Capital of Culture for Plymouth
Take A Part has been working with great artists and great communities across Plymouth since 2006. At the heart of the process has always been Efford. Through dedication, ownership and sheer tenacity the Efford community has committed to a long term arts process and as such has rightly dubbed themselves as Efford: The Capital of Culture for Plymouth.

Born in Efford as part of the regeneration process this art in the public realm project has worked to engage people in their localities around issues of place and heritage as well as notions of entitlement, change, environment and ambition. Recently, Take A Part has expanded its work across the city: sharing the Efford knowledge and process to provoke, question and push forward regeneration processes while placing art at the heart of the dialogue. Plymouth Arts Centre has worked in partnership with Take A Part since its inception and this exhibition was a celebration and an analysis of that relationship, the achievements of the project to date and engaged practice in the city.

The exhibition ran from Nov 23rd-Jan 5th at Plymouth Arts Centre.

The exhibition was active: silent auctions, workshops, placards, walks, talks, public meetings, documentation and evaluation all formed a part of the process asking the visitor to be a participant in Take A Part.  We wanted to highlight Take A Part as a process that encourages involvement and critical engagement.
We trust audiences.

For a list of the activities, workshops and opportunities that you could engage in during the exhibition click here.

A cornerstone of the exhibition was the Manifesto calling for better public art in the city. Th Manifesto, created by people from the communities engaged in the
project and artist Sophie Hope, formed the basis for wider debate about more and better socially engaged practice and better socio-economic conditions for
communities in the city.

Artists who worked on the project include- Hana Backland, Belle Benfield, Ruth Ben-Tovim, Anne Marie Culhane, Sophie Hope, Rufus Maurice, LOW PROFILE, Peter Randall-PageNeil Rose, Mark Vernon, Gem Ward, Tess Wilmot, WochenKlausur Magic Hour and Crazy Glue. Oh, and of course a lot of lovely residents from all over the city!

Efford:The Capital of Culture for Plymouth was created and supported by-



Oct 15, 2012
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  • http://www.plymouth.gov.uk/eventitem?newsid%3D296878

    You are all invited. If not we could show the film in efford

  • Hello Efford!

    Thanks for keeping me posted. This looks like capital culture to me! I look forward to the exhibition.

    All the best


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