BBROOTS is a project all about Barne Barton; its art, its history, its greenspaces and its blue spaces.

It is about looking at what is unique about the area, capturing it, celebrating it and using it to raise aspirations for the estate.  BBROOTS supports the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for the area – a pilot for Plymouth.

BBROOTS is a commission by Barne Barton Partnership, Plymouth City Council and Take A Part.

BBROOTS undertakes a range of art projects within the Barne Barton community.  The first project was The Dividing Line – a collaboration with River Tamar Project.  Sound artist Mark Vernon  worked with members of the community to explore the river and Barne Barton’s relationship to it.  The Saltash Bridge, Kinterbury Creek, the Naval Estate and the Dockyards are all areas of particular interest; the river is what shaped Barne Barton’s past and future and gives it a unique history within the city.

This oral  history project combines audio overlayed with archival footage from the South West Film and Television Archives (SWFTA).  The oral histories provided the narrative, whilst the archival film provides a visual backdrop for the stories.  This film will support the Neighbourhood Plan in Barne Barton as well as being part of the ‘It’s All about the River’ Film Festival taking place in autumn 2014.


BBROOTS was then awarded funding by Awards for All to work with Plymouth College of Art, artist Tony Whitehead and web designer Will Hibberd to look at urban history, physical geography and walks in the community this autumn.

The overall focus for BBROOTS has been around Art, history, bluespace and greenspace and the second phase of the project focused on four strands linked to these themes.  Projects have been happening across the Barne Barton community with various groups including Ocean View Timebank, Favour for Favour timebank, Riverside School, Friends of Kinterbury Creek and the Voice and Influence Group.  Projects have been around the history of street names, development of a project website, creative ways to make with bunting and sound recording sessions with community members having the chance to access a range of artistic mediums and work with a whole range of different artists.  During this stage of the project third year fine art students from PCA interned on the project supporting delivery and development of ideas.

This phase of the project culminated in an exhibition showcasing the very many creative responses to the BBROOTS themes.  The whole of the ‘Barne Barton Loves Art” exhibition was curated by the PCA students and reflected upon where art in  Barne Barton started and where it is going.

This exhibition was then followed up by another entitled ‘Mantle Gardens’ held at Studio 11 at Plymouth College of Art and again curated by the students in response to the project work in Barne Barton.  Members of the community came along to see the work.

Most recently BBROOTS collaborated with neighbourhood regeneration, youth services, the Tamar View Community Centre, W$ser Wonga and artist Phil Harvey.  Over two weeks we worked with a group of young people to prepare and then paint a 35 metre community mural in Poole Park Road.  The mural depicts a panorama of the community incorporating many iconic parts of the community including the barracks site, Tamar Bridge, incinerator chimney and Kinterbury Creek.

The BBROOTS project continues to develop and grow, keep posted for the future developments of BBROOTS projects and visit the BBROOTS website here.


Apr 15, 2013
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