An impressive sight as the third sculpture is completed!
The third and final sculpture as a part of our Sculpting Saltram project was completed this week by artist Anna Boland.


The large and impressive pieces of oak came from the site of Saltram itself and were worked on tirelessly by Anna alongside young people from Stonehouse, air cadets and numerous scores of Saltram volunteers.  Each piece was hand carved following a the lines of a drawn out tank.

Each sculpture for the project has captured and reflected an aspect of history at the site and this one is no different.  Reflecting the sites connections to WWI and the residency of American troops and their vehicles at Saltram.  The sculpture challenges people to look and then look again to see the carving of the tank in all its glory, showing a history that has always been there but that many people weren’t aware of.

The sculpture took just over a month to create and install and will be celebrated, alongside the other sculptures and play areas that create the new play trail at Saltram, on Saturday September 10th.

Aug 17, 2016
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